company overview

Bin Butti Group is an Abu Dhabi, UAE based company established in 1968 under the visionary leadership of His Highness Sheikh Khadem Bin Butti. The Group has seen tremendous success over the years, developing itself into a conglomerate with operations expanding from Middle East, Africa and other GCC countries.

Bin Butti Group has been able to successfully venture into various segments owing to its strong focus on customer-driven products and services. The company’s choice of industries truly reflects the fact that it wants to better service customers within the under-served industries of UAE, African regions and other regions.

At Bin Butti Group, we are committed to adding value to our customers’ lives. Our self-philosophy of putting customers’ needs before anything else have always guided the company’s business. This is why we extraordinarily emphasize on quality of products and services delivered.

Bin Butti Group currently owns business stakes in sectors like oil & gas, used oil refinery, hospitality, investments, transportation, medical equipment, health & safety, recruitment, manufacturing, trading, mineral water and laundry services. We only indulge in sustainable business practices to make a lasting impression upon the communities we serve. We are always looking towards future business opportunities where we can add greater value to the lives of our customers.