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Projects Division (Abu Dhabhi Poultry Farm)

Abu Dhabi Poultry Farm is one of the leading and ingenious farms in United Arab Emirates. It was found in 1981 by Sheikh Khadem Bin Butti.

Abu Dhabi Poultry Farm is a master producer of supreme quality table eggs divided to 5 products distributed in the United Arab Emirates and GCC countries.

Bashair is an organic product purely contains plant protein feed free from any animal products applying the maximum quality standards. Certified from Abu Dhabi Food Authority in meeting the technical specification of Food Authority requirements.

Abu Dhabi Poultry Farm is a star producer of more than 80 million eggs every year. It consist of 14 advanced layer sheds, 5 rearing sheds with the capacity of 35000 birds each, Modernistic equipped veterinary laboratory, Fertilizer processing plant, storage warehouse in additional to other logistic resources.

  • Appreciation certificate for compliance with food control standards from Al Ain Municipality
  • ISO-9000 certification
  • HACCP ( Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certification
  • HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control points) certification
  • Facility standards set by the UAE Food Control Authority.


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