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Our lineage with the poultry industry dates back to 1981, when we were only into producing eggs. With changing times, the UAE became one of the largest chicken consuming markets of the world and with the rising demand in our country we started our broiler in the year 2000.

The aim of the broiler is provide our customers the highest quality of poultry products through an ultra-modern and hygienic production consistent with 100% Halal practice promoting self-sufficiency in the field of poultry produce in the country.

At our Abu Dhabi Modern Poultry Farm, we are committed to ensuring that our products and services are provided in a manner that will protect, maintain, and enhance our environment. Our broilers are fed a well-balanced diet, primarily comprising of naturally grown grain. Our dedicated nutritionist provides daily assessments and continually makes improvements when the opportunity arises.

In order to keep up and furnish the ever growing needs of the country we are in process of expansion that targets the following:

  • To increase annual table eggs output by 30%
  • To double the production of broilers
  • The Abu Dhabi Poultry is highly recognized by UAE consumers and has a proud reputation for upholding traditional, family oriented values.


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