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Al Fakher Poultry Farm

Al Faker Poultry, is a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Modern Poultry Farms. It is newly established Broiler farm, located in AL Hirz, Sweihan. The farm covers 34,000.00 square meter with a processing capacity of 1,300.000 live bird every year.

We have well equipped laboratory to carry out all Microbiological tests in house with the supervision of the Agriculture Engineer and Veterinarian to maintain the health of our chickens and to assess the quality of our final products.

Al Faker Poultry farm has always been, and will be, committed to supplying the region with premiere quality fresh products in order to meet and raise the expectations in the market.

Contact Information

home_pngP.O. Box: 9880, Sweihan, Al-Ain, Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

call_png Phone: +971 3 7347070
Fax : +971 3 7347040

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Subsidiary of Bin Butti Group