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Bin Butti Represent Companies L.L.C.

Bin Butti Represent Companies LLC (BBRC) is a limited liability company established in the year 2016 with an objective of partnering with foreign companies willing to enter into business in United Arab Emirates.

BBRC engages with reputed companies from all over the world whom are willing to enter into UAE. BBRC can participate with them either as a Sponsor, Joint Venture Partner by investing in it or represent them for their products / services inside UAE. The main focus of companies that BBRC willing to consider in UAE are Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Technology, Defense and Equipment.


home_png P.O. Box : 47214, 19th Floor, LuLu Center Building, Salam Street, Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

call_png Phone: +971 2 6789000, +971 2 6790002
Fax : +971 2 6788688

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Subsidiary of Bin Butti Group