Patnership –
Omega Pano

Omega Pano launched its operations in 1997, and accomplished many first in the industry,
Today, Omega Pano maintain its production in its 7,000 m² factory in İstanbul.
Omega Pano is the first choice company of leading sectors like cement, iron-steel, glass, data centers, energy, petrochemicals, shopping centers and towers.
Omega Pano has a great vision on digitalization, and well aware about today’s requirements for tomorrow’s world.
From this perspective view, we serve our customers in most advanced and high quality way.
Omega Pano is the major partner of Siemens Turkey.

• SIVACON S8 : Up to 7000A, IP54, FORM4B, Withdrawable Type and Fixed Type LV Panels.

• SIVACON S4 :, Up to 4000A, IP54, FORM4B LV Panels.

• ALPHA UNIVERSAL : IEC61439-1/2 Standards, Up to 630A, IP54, Wall Mounted Type and Standing Type LV Panels.

• : Omega Pano’s own brand OMGPANO also has type test up to 5000A and has an internal arc test certificate. OMGPANO panel system can be manufactured up to IP54, FORM4B, wall and standing type.

OMGPANO will be produced with the same experience and quality procedures,by passing through the same production lines and most importanly OMGPANO will have the competitive prices.

Subsidiary of Bin Butti Group