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“Rostaing is the high-quality glove brand with over 15 million users every day.

Rostaing is the French pioneer, designer and manufacturer of ultra-high performance, technical protective gloves for all activities, from the most dangerous to the most technical and precise. Gloves devised and designed for safe hands.

Constant innovation for industry, construction, public works, the army, the police, the security industry, fire-fighters, emergency services, gardening and DIY helps remove any constraints in use and application, to promote and reveal your talents.

Rostaing is behind many innovations made from cutting-edge components and nanotechnologies.

An integral part of our DNA, our creativity and innovations are driven by our team of engineers and R&D designers.

They are stimulated by constant collaboration with our customers, our millions of users and our ambassadors.

Rostaing has created over 4,000 models of gloves and continues to design 1 new model every 3 days.”

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