Signature of the Mirrico Group of Companies at the Russian Pavilion

We are proud to announce, that Hamed General Trading & Companies presented by Sheikh Hamed Bin Khadim Bin Butti AlHamid the Chairman of Bin Butti Group and Mirrico Group of Companies presented by Mr. Anton Kachurin the Operation Director of Mirrico have signed, a Partnership Agreement on 14th November 2017 during ADIPEC Exhibition.

Mirrico Group of companies developed & produced reagents for protection and provision of trouble free operation of technological equipment of petrochemical facilities.

This partnership support and enhance UAE & Gulf region Oil & Gas market with new technology and methods for cleaning tanks and oilfield equipments.

Mobile autonomous robotic technology allows to perform unmanned cleaning shorter period of time, while processing of extracted oil sludges.

This equipments can be used in the cleaning of railway tanks, sludge, collectors in oil refineries, as well as tank farms of oil & gas producing companies.