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United Systems

United Systems is driven by stratagems of experienced connoisseurs in the field of Industrial Project Execution from Concept to Commissioning.
Established in 2010, we are an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction company in the field of Engineering contracting in the Power, Oil and other Process Industries. We specialise in various turnkey packages and have earned a reputation as industry experts through our unrelenting commitment and exemplary project executions.
We believe our teamwork is our strength and our people our USP. That’s why, we are led by seasoned industry professionals and driven by an engineering and CAD division proven in handling a wide range of products and services. Our workforce are trained and equipped to handle Structural, Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation functions besides having a strong foundation on Project and Construction management as part of the EPC set-up.


1. Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) Offerings:

a. Fuel oil Handling Systems (FOHS): For fuel types HFO, LDO, HSD, LSHS, Naptha etc. Including pump skids for unloading from tankers/railway wagons and forwarding to process units and storage tanks along with required electrical, instrumentation, tracings and insulations.
b. Bulk Storage Tanks: Customized above ground, underground storage tanks of all sizes including but not limited to fixed roof (self-supported and column supported), internal/external floating roof (single deck and double deck)
c. Low Pressure Piping (LPP): underground piping/above ground piping, with structural works, pipe racks, necessary supports including valves, flanges, actuators and other instrumentation. Steam tracing with steam trap modules.
d. Flash Tanks and Drain Oil Tanks: All types of flash and drain oil tanks as per international/national standards (IS 2825/ASME Sec VIII Div 1).
e. Large Diameter Piping: Circulating water piping (CW), Auxiliary cooling water (ACW), River/Sea water intake. Cross country piping for various liquids and gases.
f. Fire Detection & Alarm systems: Hydrant Systems, MVWS, HVWS, Foam Protection, Gas Suppression and Microprocessor based detection and Alarm system as per International standards.
g. Structural Steel Engineering: All types of Structural steel products including ducts, chimneys etc.
h. Power, Control & Instrumentation Systems: All instruments on level, pressure, Temperature, flow etc. Complete electrical packages, PLC, SCADA & DCS (Including generation of MIS as per customer requirement)
i. Port Handling Systems: Complete port terminal edible oil/Hydrocarbons handling system including but not limited to unloading from ship, storage and subsequent loading/forwarding to process facilities.

2. Products:
a. Pumping and Heating Skids: Engineering, design and manufacture of pumping and heating skids as per customer requirements.
b. Filters and Strainers: Custom strainers of various types as per client requirement simplex/duplex, T/Y etc.
c. Floor Coil Heaters: Custom engineering, designed and manufactured as per customer requirement.
d. Heat Exchangers: Design and Manufacture of shell and tube type heat exchangers as per international standards such as TEMA/ASME
e. Immersion, outflow and Inline electrical heaters: Customized heaters as per client requirements.

3. Services:
a. Tank Repair: Roof seal replacement, repair/replacement of stairs and railing, foam lines, tank sumps, manholes & nozzles, sprinklers and sprinkler lines, tank shell and bottom plate etc.
b. Mechanical Services: Tank Calibration services, Full NDT Services, Spool Fabrication, QA/QC Inspection, Bolt Tensioning (Controlled bolting), Blasting and Painting Metal Surfaces.

Subsidiary of Bin Butti Group