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It is the need of the hour to promote energy saving and recyclable options in order to conserve our natural resources. Used engine oil is hazardous and should not be disposed without appropriate recycling treatment as per the UAE environmental norms set by the Environment Agency of Abu Dhabi (EAD) and the Center for Waste Management, Abu Dhabi (CWMAD).

Relevant Government Authorizations: Dure Oil Middle East Establishment is a Zero Emission Refinery Plant in Abu Dhabi and is the sole modern used oil recycling facility in the UAE. Dure Oil is a Re-Refining Base oil and Fuel Oil, distilled from Used Engine Oil and Oil from crude sludge/ heavy Hydrocarbon structured oil. This BBG division has a state of the art technology which does not pollute the environment and avoids waste generation. This division of the Bin Butti Group is the first facility in the GCC to have been licensed by the Center for Waste Management, Abu Dhabi, to collect and process all the Used Automobile Engine oil generated in the Emirate into recycled products. Initiated with the motto of ‘Save the Energy, Save the Environment and Save the Nation’.

Major Strengths:

  • Large Capacity and Exclusive Government Authorization: Being the exclusive facility licensed by the Center for Waste Management, Abu Dhabi, to collect all the waste engine oil generated in the Emirate, Dure Oil has a large capacity to process the collected Used Engine oil.
  • Established Presence: Dure Oil has been in the business since 2009, advocating and ensuring Environmental Protection, Health & Safety and Zero Emission Refining.
  • WFE Technology to Minimalize Waste: The State of Art Distillation Column that separates water and solids from the Used Engine Oil to recover all of the useful ingredients in a high vacuum thin film evaporation process which is designed to refine and further minimize the generation of waste to be disposed of.

Current Position in the Target Market: Dure Oil’s technology providers, Pesco Beam Environmental Solutions, USA and Red Dragon, Canada, are pioneers in this area. The activity flow in the process begins with the receipt of Used Engine oil, sampling and QA/QC check, storage in tank farms, distillation and refining, polishing and dispatch of the finished products in tanks and disposal of waste water at appropriate facilities. Based on the improvement of Used Engine oil procurement, the contract provides for implementation of additional storage and expansion of waste oil treatment. Currently, Used Engine oil is being collected from the areas of Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and the Western Region while Dure oil has a facility to store. The Light End (Low Aromatic) which is used to run the plant is procured in-house, being taken from the finished product that Dure Oil produces.

Quality Control Ensured: Quality is paramount for Dure Oil as they supply equivalent to virgin standard polished and unpolished oil to clients. The standard parameter of Base Oil requirements meeting the ASTM standards such as flashpoint, viscosity, specific gravity and color are followed. They have their own lab to check that quality is maintained. Dure Oil’s products are tested and reconfirmed by qualified and reputed independent labs in the UAE such as Al Hoty Stanger and Lonestar Technical Services.

Reputed Client Base: Using the B2B model, the Company has been supplying to leading manufacturers of lubricants and water proof membrane manufacturers in the UAE for several years.

Product Base: Dure Oil Middle East deals with multiple products including SN500 (Heavy Base oil), SN150 (Light Base Oil), Light ends and Asphalt.


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