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Niger Refreshment Company Nature Mineral Water (TELWA)

Setting a Footprint in the Market: The drinking water industry in Niger is being dominated by the premier player, TELWA, since its establishment in 1998. TELWA has redefined the category of water for the population of Niger, gaining popularity as the first and only fully automatic filling water plant in the region wherein naturally sourced mineral water is bottled and distributed within safe manufacturing guidelines, facilities and standards, using best quality products.

Meeting International Standards: Being the top mineral water company in the country which boasts safety and reliability, the manufacturing process ensures at all times that the water delivered meets international standards for freshness and purity.

Meeting the demand: The water supplied is obtained from a 90 meter depth with the water plant meeting a production capacity of 2000 bottles per day, offering a diversified product packaging of 1.5 liters, 600 ml, 330 ml and 20 liters of gallon.

Strong Client Base: Its clients include, but are not limited to Niger Airlines and the American, French and Niger Armies.

Future Prospects: Going forward, TELWA seeks to diversify its activity into the production of fresh juices in a variety of different flavors.

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Subsidiary of Bin Butti Group