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Qmineral is specialized in the determination of the potentially respirable fraction of bulk materials. This analysis is the so-called Size Weighted Respirable Fraction (“SWeRF”) analysis. Often, the SWeRF of crystalline silica is determined (“SWeRF-CS”). For more information on SWeRF analysis, visit the website of the Industrial Minerals Association IMA-Europe or contact our specialists.
Qmineral is part of BeCOH (Belgian Center for Occupational Hygiene) since 2014. BeCOH is a consortium of different laboratories and qualified experts in the field of occupational hygiene. Within BeCOH, Qmineral provides analyses of fine dust, more in particular the determination of the concentration of inhalable and respirable cyrstalline silica (RCS).

• Mineralogy – XRD
• Detailed Clay Mineralogy
• TOC (Total Organic Carbon)
• CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity)
• Particle Size Analysis
• Porosity & Grain-Density
• Petrography
• Specific Surface Are (BET)
• Physisorption
• Scanning Electron Microscopy
• Computer Tomography

Subsidiary of Bin Butti Group